Let's push our beautiful motto "I remember" further and go back in time to discover the prehistory of Quebec, from the formation of the planet to the arrival of the first indigenous people.

In an adventure that will span the eons, follow the author Patrick Couture meets experts who will present precious fossils and other rare treasures allowing us to lift the veil on the little-known past of our province and the strange creatures that once populated it.


Committed to the power of distinctive storytelling, Rotating Planet produces and distributes an extensive library of award winning, internationally broadcast documentaries, TV series, and short films. Renowned for taking novel interests in complex ideas that straddle the line between human society and animal behaviour, Rotating Planet’s oeuvre stretches from the untouched corners of Antarctic animal habitats to the mind of the great poet, Irving Layton. Rotating Planet Productions shoots in extreme and remote environments, collaborating with leading experts and cinematographers, universities, leading research centers, community leaders, and more, in a variety of fields. We take pride in our use of 4K and 360° cinematography, virtual reality, and interactive mediums, animation, and innovative film techniques.

For more than two decades, the company’s producer and director Ari A. Cohen has been breaking barriers in social, cultural, historic and wildlife documentary filmmaking, with a humanitarian and environmentally-conscious focus. Rotating Planet Productions is made up of a diverse and passionate team of artists, based in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal, Canada.

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At Rotating Planet, something is always in the works.
After years of documentary filmmaking, our team started exploring the animation world in 2019. Zamzoom is our latest animation project. This imaginative and hilarious new animated series for kids follows the adventures of Zamzoom and Orbie - two space explorers on a wildlife adventure.

Other recent projects include the documentary From Africa to the Arctic, Stay-at-Home Animal Dads, and Aging in the Wild.

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming feature documentary Animal Social Network!

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