Rotating Planet digital

Rotating Planet Digital is where we continue to push the boundaries of storytelling and explore contemporary ways to interact with our audiences through podcasts, virtual reality, and interactive games and events.

Our new podcast: Wild sounds of canada

Join Sarika Cullis-Suzuki for an intimate tour of the wild heart of the nation. From the Tombstone Mountains of the Yukon Territory to the coastal plains of Newfoundland, each episode is alive with the buzzes, warbles, and howls of wildlife at different locations across the country.

Join us on our audio adventures, available now on Audible!

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Interactive games

Alongside our release of The Family Farm, we created that is an award-winning multi-turn board game with a clean and colourful art style that brings users to understand the ups and downs of running a farm, the kinds of decisions they have to make, and the realities of farming in the present day.

Currently in the works, with a major release coming soon, is an immersive nature podcast that blends our experience in documentary and field recordings to immerse listeners in beautiful wild soundscapes that connects them to wildlife and the outdoors in a more meaningful and personal way.

With every project, we seek to push the boundaries of art and digital experiences to connect audiences in profound ways to the world and everything we create and expand their horizons.

Our interactive game project is currently under maintenance. will come back stronger in a few weeks!