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Bound by no borders and committed to lighting up the margins of society, Rotating Planet Productions takes viewers on an intimate journey through spectacular portraits of life on Earth

20 years of documentary productions

With 20 years of documentary production under their belt, Rotating Planet Productions has produced documentaries ranging from The Family Farm (2014) to Too Colourful for the League (2001) with films broadcast on CBC, the Documentary Channel, Bravo Canada, and many more. Our recent projects, Aging in the Wild (2018) and Animal Social Networks (2020), delve into the groundbreaking science behind the latest in our understanding of wildlife and the animal world.

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Running time:     15 minutes
Release Date:      2024

Broadcasters:    Savoir Media

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Running time:     48 minutes
Release Date:      2015

Broadcasters:     TV5 Monde, APTN


Running time:     90 minutes
Release Date:      2014

Awards:      Minister of Agriculture Award at Life Sciences Film Festival - Prague, Czech Republic, 2014
Official Selection: Planet In Focus Film Festival, Canada, 2014
Official Selection: Devour Film Festival, Canada, 2014


Running time:     48 minutes
Released Date:      2010

Awards:      2011 Gemini Nomination (Canadian Screen Awards) for Best Direction and Best Performing Arts Program, BRAVO Canada

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Running time:     6x 30 minutes
Release Date:      2010

Awards:      2011 Gemini Nomination (Canadian Screen Awards) for Best Documentary series

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Running time:     90 minutes
Release Date:      November 15th, 2007

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Running time:     48 min, 70 min
Release Date:      2007

Broadcasters:     Aired on BRAVO, Knowledge, SCN
Festivals:     Atlanta International Film Festival, RVCQ (Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois)

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Running time:     90 minutes
Release Date:      December 4th, 2005

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Running time:  60 minutes
Release Date:      Novembre 2004

Awards:   2004 Best Documentary – University Film and Video Conference

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Running time:     48 minutes
Aired on:      Novembre 19th, 2003

Broadcasters:     CBC, BRAVO, Knowledge, SCN

Running time:     19x 30 minutesminutes
Release Date:      August 8th, 2002

Running time:     50 minutes
Release Date:      February 6st, 2001

Awards      2001 Gemini Nomination (Canadian Screen Awards) Best Documentary, Bronze Award at NYC, Columbus TV Festival Milan Sports Festival

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