La préhistoire du québec

Let's push our beautiful motto "I remember" further and go back in time to discover the prehistory of Quebec, from the formation of the planet to the arrival of the first indigenous people.

In an adventure that will span the eons, follow the author Patrick Couture meets experts who will present precious fossils and other rare treasures allowing us to lift the veil on the little-known past of our province and the strange creatures that once populated it.

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Thank you to our sponsors

The production of this series was made possible thanks to the financial support of Fonds Bell,  Savoir Media,  Télé-Québec and Fonds des médias du Canada (FMC).

Our Episodes

Cross the eons to discover the prehistory of Quebec, online from April 29, 2024 and on screen May 6, 2024 on Savoir Media

A look behind the scenes

From climbing mountains to crossing the immense St. Lawrence River at sunrise, our team traveled more than 10,000 km in five months. We express our deep gratitude to the residents, stakeholders and experts who took part in this adventure on both sides of the province.

Explore our photos from the shoot.