About the filmmaker

Producer and director Ari A. Cohen was born in Morocco and lives in Montreal. As a director, he has created acclaimed films and television series including Women Warriors (19-part series for CBC, Radio Canada, and CTV), Red Carpet for the Sun: Irving Layton (CBC)I Want to be Happy: The Jackie Washington Story (BRAVO!), The World’s a Stage with John Neville (BRAVO!, TV3 Spain)The Instrument Bank (BRAVO!, Gemini nomination: Best Performing Arts Program),  and The Uluit (APTN, Gemini nomination: Best Documentary Series). 

As a Producer, Ari has produced award-winning documentaries including Being Osama (CBC’s A Passionate Eye, Al Jazeera, RDI), Too Colorful for the League: A History of Blacks in Hockey (CBC), and Schmelvis: Searching for the King’s Jewish Roots.

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